Classic SHOW

A 52-minute television-inspired format

Focus on presenting your projects, not on technicalities

We ensure that the end result captures maximum attention

Offer includes:

- a meeting to prepare the general format

- a meeting to prepare the show

- two director-technicians

- a “compact” pack, which includes a 4K camera, GoPro, drone, camera stabiliser, mini-micros and flexible panel lighting

- up to 3 days of shooting

- 7 days of editing

- final video calibration and mixing

- credits created upon request

Please note:

- you are responsible for on-site logistics

- editing time may vary depending on shooting conditions and the level of organisation

From €4,169 net of VAT*
* Customers outside of France do not pay VAT.

Custom SHOW

Looking for something new?

You've come to the right place

We will be happy to bring your ideas to life