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Démultipliez la portée de votre savoir


Trust our experience to take the most effective photos for web-entrepreneurs

The perfect solution for small budgets
A smart compromise for your shootings

The essentials for your social networks, marketing pages, etc.

Offer includes:

- 1 photographer/cameraman

- a meeting to determine the key moments to be photographed

- the latest-technology, high-performance video/still cameras

- high-quality, fast and efficient photo retouching using the best software available

From €651 net of VAT*
* Customers outside of France do not pay VAT.

Please note:

- the number of photos delivered depends on shooting conditions
- you must set aside time in your schedule for photography

- the price of post-processing may vary depending on your requirements and the number of photos taken


The best value for money 

A plethora of viewpoints for maximum usability on your materials 

One of the best ways to increase the appeal of your next event

Offer includes:

- 1 photographer

- high-performance photography equipment for all types of situations

- distribution of a “best-of” selection of photos after your event

- fast and high-quality photo retouching using the best software available

Please note:

- 1 day of event = 1 day of post-processing

- the quality of the photos will depend on the light or lighting available on site

- you will receive the best photos, with no specified minimum or maximum number

- make sure the photographer can take a break for lunch or dinner

- the delivery time depends on the number of photos taken

From €1,639 excl VAT*
* Customers outside of France do not pay VAT.


Do you have a special idea?

Such as setting up a photo terminal or a professional studio?

We can help you create an innovative photographic experience

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