Workshop, mastermind, Webinars


No mini version is available

Good quality despite technical simplicity

The format is predefined and reproduced

Your videos will be ready at the end of the day

Offer includes:

- 1 technician

- a meeting to determine the editing format and rules

- 3 HD cameras

- lighting with large LED panels

- 2 tie mics and 2 hand mics

- multi-camera control

- 1 input for 1 computer

- 1 audio input for music

- 1 speaker

- simple editing with you providing the logo and credits

Please note:

- we provide you with a checklist of everything you need for a perfect result

- to add elements during post-production (e.g. music, image, logo, credits, call to action, etc.) see the Custom section below

- the editing is done live and we just remove the "empty" parts.

From €1,438 net of VAT* per day
+ €218 net of VAT for recorded streaming
* Customers outside of France do not pay VAT.

  Workshop, mastermind, Webinar


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