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Use media to promote your brand and gain recognition

as the go-to company or person

You won't find any wedding films or theatrical presentations on this website. What you will find however are the most effective audiovisual formats for entrepreneurs, something that MÔoh Prod' has been providing since 2008.

We are continuously refining our offerings and methods to ensure you the quickest possible return on your investment.

If you are tired of....

- Having to deal with the technical aspects of audiovisual production

- Waiting weeks or months to receive your videos

- Wincing when you see yourself on camera

- Being disappointed with your DIY results

- Surprises when you get the bill

- Amateurish quality

Then you would you probably like to....

- Work with a professional you can rely on

- Stay within your budget

- Deal with someone who understands your needs


Making a video is sort of like conducting an orchestra, it's all about timing and achieving the right balance.
François knows this from his own experience. His childhood was bathed in music and his father entrusted him to take there holiday photos with the family camera. He later had the good luck to meet a leading infopreneur at a salsa class. That was good timing!

Today, he applies the experience and skills he has gained in online commerce, marketing and digital audiovisual  production to every project with which his clients entrust him, while adding the latest ideas and techniques that he is constantly learning.

Since 2008, he has seen his company become the preferred choice of the current, and future, leaders of the Digital Economy. It is their daring entrepreneurship and confidence that have enabled him to create the new video formats that will ensure that they are found by and will connect with the people who are seeking their services.

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